Monday, 28 October 2013

Catch 22

Last week I got my first royalty cheque, not very large but very exiting none the less. Like many writers you have this dream of releasing this first book and then royalties just roll in. They don’t, there is just too much choice out there for your book to get noticed without some serious promotion and networking.

Here then is the catch 22, to write I need a steady income and inspiration. My job in Monaco provides me with both. But what do you do with money if you don’t get the time to pursue your dream and frankly enjoy life. Should I be foolish and just leave my job to concentrate on writing and promoting without ever making it big, but have a whale of a time doing it until the pennies run out? Or should I just keep getting on that 8.10 train and be a responsible adult. When I took this job it ticked all the right boxes on paper, but 2 1/2 months in it is turning out to be a nightmare. I know what Cameron would do; he would have management for dinner and run off with the day’s takings and stock! 

Watch this space.....

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