Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sam's Song: A Sam Smith Mystery (The Sam Smith Mystery Series Book 1) by Hannah Howe

 I would like to give you a work in progress report, but I've been rather distracted by work, the beach and, well I'm just looking for excuses here; it is too hot to write! Penny Hunter is going to do the editing again on 'Conversations with Tom' but due to other work projects, we have put the publishing date back to Christmas.
Meanwhile I'm working on a series of short stories. It is in the shape of a number of interviews by a journalist that works for a Edinburgh paper and is about some of its fictional famous citizens. As per usual it will be tongue firmly in cheek. I have been reading, and this first in a series of detective novels was very enjoyable. I gave it 5 stars.

Sam's Song: A Sam Smith Mystery (The Sam Smith Mystery Series Book 1) by Hannah Howe on Amazon

Sam Smith is a tough wise cracking private detective, but behind the confident exterior hides a rather damaged woman. She is prone to self-doubt and suspicious of men. This book reads like a classic detective novel, narrated in the first person with a lot of humour. It reminded me a little of Sam Spade and there is also a fond nod to Phillip Marlowe in the name of the main characters cat. This book however is very modern and I like the fact that Hannah Howe has worked some very current topics into her novel, like domestic violence. This is a very good start to a series of currently eight books. Sam Smith is someone I can relate too and I admire her courage. There is still a lot to explore in her character as she gingerly embarks on a new romance and I’m sure her next case will have me glued to my kindle again

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