Monday, 10 October 2016

Paradox - Bound By Blood (Paradox series Book 3) by Patti Roberts

I reviewed books 1 and 2 in the series quite a while ago, so I was glad the pace of the third book was a bit calmer. It allowed me to get back into this fairly complex story and get reacquainted with all the characters. Patti (who designed the Language in the Blood covers) continues strongly with this excellent series. And of course the cover of Bound by Blood is beautiful. 5 star read.
Paradox-Bound By Blood (Paradox series Book 3) by Patti Roberts on

Bound by Blood is the third book in the Paradox series and probably my favourite so far. We were introduced to a lot more characters in book two and I was pleased to learn more about their back stories in Bound by Blood. Especially Claire proves to have a few skeletons in her family’s closet. Now three books in I have a much clearer idea about Altair and what’s at stake. Patti has succeeded in knitting the events that took place in Altair together with the events taking place on earth and around Grace. The pace is a bit calmer initially as we switch between the present and historic events on Altair, but towards the end the tension rises, mainly due to the fact that both Abaddon and Pandora have arrived in the present. The book ends again on a heart stopping cliff-hanger so I’m off to Amazon for book 4 in the series.

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