Thursday, 9 March 2017

80mg A story of an Addict a screen play by Joe Osborne

I did a review of another Joe Osborne last year, these are not the same writers. This is quite a young writer who published his first book 'Bullied' as a school project when only 18. I think this is his first screen play. Screen plays are not that enjoyable to read, but it was short so I focused on story and dialogue. The story in itself is good, just needs a lot more work, starting with picking an audience and age group. I gave this 3 stars.
I also had a battle with Amazon about this book. It doesn't work with Kindle Paper white, but it does with all other formats. Apparently this was the publishers decision. Hmm I sense Amazon wants to move us all to the Kindle fire.
80mg A story of an Addict a screenplay by Joe Osborne

I liked the idea of this film script; a young student takes a drug addict as the subject of a film project. His reason for doing this is rooted in his own family's history with drug addiction. We meet Simon, an addict who is manipulative but also very charming and fun. He is always on the look-out for money for his next hit and seems to care little who he borrows and steals from. I found this quite a hard book to review as I'm not that familiar with reading film scripts. It was a little hard to get into a flow of a story as it was broken up with setting the scene etc. The main reason I only gave 3 stars is that I think it needs more work. I'm not entirely sure who this is aimed at. If it is a cautionary tale for the high-school student, I would take out the swearing and pot smoking. If it is a short aimed at adults, I would go more gritty and flesh out the dialogue. Promising idea that could be worked at when actually making a film.

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