Friday, 6 October 2017

Children Of The Future Kindle by Jane Suen

This one is strictly for the younger reader. I think children over the age of 10 might lose interest as the language is very simple. I gave this 4 stars as I wanted the ending to have a bit more substance.
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This is a nice little thriller for the younger reader. I can imagine a child being glued to the pages, following school bus driver Telly and pupil Billy as they try to find out what happened to the missing children from Billy’s school. The story is told in an easy flowing clear style. Even though this is quite a tense thriller it should not give your youngster nightmares as nothing more sinister is suggested apart from that the children are missing. One of the positive messages from this book is that a small community bands together to help find their missing children. However the book ends rather abruptly and I would have liked a bit more explanation about the people that did good, but went about it in a rather alarming way.

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