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Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Resisting the Challenges of the 21st Century: How Much Extra Does No Cheese Cost? by Rembert N Parker

I got this book based on title description and cover photo. I don't mind a bit of a rant at things that annoy the people that grew up in the fifties and sixties. However this book should come with a bit of a warning; for Americans only. A lot of the cultural references I did not get. Also, this writer is the owner of a comic book store, a world I know nothing off. However if you are an American of a certain age and you like films and comic books, this is a witty observation of life in 2017. I gave it 4 stars as I found it more of a collection of blog posts than a book. I did love the idea of ending all the chapters with a link to some music, so the book had a sound track.
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This is a great book if you are the right demographic. Being female and European a lot of this book was a bit over my head. I’ve never opened a DC or Marvel comic and a lot of other cultural references were wasted on me. However if you are living in the US there is a great chapter on tax and a lot of observations about culture, politics and food that will be spot on.
So I’m judging it purely on writing. What Rembert Parker has done is create a mixed tape for the modern age. (If you don’t remember them you are probably too young for this book!) The chapters are short and engaging and even though I didn’t relate to everything, I had no problem finishing this book. All the chapters are finished with a link to a music video. It’s a great way to combine music, the internet and a book. The chapters read a bit like blog posts and a personal rant. If you are an American baby boomer fed up with today’s state of affairs this will be a great fun read.