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Saturday, 10 January 2015

Little things
One thing I'd really missed since moving here had been the new years celebrations. Edinburgh's Hogmanay is something every one should experience at some point in their lives. This year I was determined to be there and already started planning in July. Despite the winter weather doing it's best by forcing the cancellation of a flight, we arrived in Edinburgh on the 27th of December only 9 hours later than intended. We've left Edinburgh only 4 years ago, surly not much would have changed?
The streets were indeed very familiar, but now a shiny new tram ran along it. The tram works are a thorn in many an Edinburgher's side as they ran horrendously over budget and time, but I think they are an improvement, they give the city a transport system fit for the 21st century. (They shouldn't have dug them up in the 60's, but what's done is done and I say 'welcome back trams')
The next day we didn't notice any changes, but plenty of things we never noticed before. It had us turning to each other and remarking 'well we're not in France anymore'
I'd forgotten how cold the wind could be, it cuts right through you. I don't think I'd ever worn a hat and gloves were we live. (I'm actually writing the blog on the balcony in my T-shirt)
Traffic lights take an age to change, leading to impatient pedestrians to take their lives in their hands by dashing over the road in front of traffic. Here the green light often coincides with the pedestrian light being on green too.(so take care when you go around a corner in France!)
Bit obvious but nobody says 'bonjour'. We had become very used to greeting everybody when entering lifts, busses and shops. If you do that in Scotland people think you're a complete idiot.
It felt very wrong to leave a pub without paying. Of course we had already paid when we placed our order but we had to keep reminding our self because we had become so used to a waiter coming to your table to serve you and then leaving a wee dish with the bill.
Maybe it was because of the huge influx of tourist over Hogmanay, but suitcases were everywhere. In the morning they rattled behind a tired looking tourist towards a tram or bus stop and in the afternoon they rattled cheerfully behind a fresh faced tourist looking for their hotel. I even spotted one rattling along a cinema isle. Probably someone with a long wait between checking out and checking in for their flight.
All in all we had a lovely time catching up with dear friends, but now I'm pleased to be back in the sun again, but now and then you need to do the things you miss and be reminded why you moved away in the first place.