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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Gone and Voopyre

This week you are getting two reviews, but two very different books. The first was quite a heavy read and one for people who like to savour beautiful descriptions and a slow pace. I gave this 4 stars. The second is a short story with its roots in Russian folklore.I gave this 5 stars.
Gone by Julie Elizabeth Powell on

This is a beautifully written book. The writer takes us to a place that is her vision of the after-life and she describes this wondrous place in great detail. Even though this is fiction, the tragic event of her daughter becoming brain damaged mirrors the story of Charley the main character. It is a very personal and emotional book when the writer wonders what happened to her daughter’s spirit as the body remained. I found my mind wander at times as we were introduced to a myriad of unusual characters who each tried to explain to Charley what was going on. (At times quite funny, like when she encounters a talking plant.) I think this book will be helpful and enjoyable to people who question what happens to our spirit after we die. It is also a book in the spirit of Alice in wonderland with its surreal and bizarre characters. Not a quick and easy read but one for people who like well-crafted prose.
Voopyre by N.C.Stow on

I liked this fairy tale very much. From the get go you got a sense of foreboding and doom. At one point one of the characters says ‘if you go looking for trouble, trouble will find you.’ I love the way the writer described the scenery, but I could have maybe done with a little more explanation as to what the Voopyre and the beast-master are. Maybe if you’re familiar with Russian folklore you will know what all the terms the writer uses are, but I am not. That said, with a bit of imagination you can fill in the blanks and enjoy this story. I certainly did.