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Friday, 26 January 2018

The Return of the Pumpkins by Lacey Lane

It has been a while since I reviewed Revenge of the Pumpins, so it was about time I reviewed the follow up. It is FREE on Amazon. I enjoyed this book too and the ending was great. I gave it 4 stars.

The Return of the Pumpkins is a nice little horror short. It follows on from the short story Revenge of the Pumpkins but it can be read on its own as Lacey Lane fills us in on the events that went before. A family brutally murdered and a boy, Peter left with horrendous injuries. We catch up with Peter many years later as he tries to put his live back together in a mental institution. This book mixes sweet young romance as Peter meets Sue, a fellow inmate, with horror as we edge towards the inevitable gory climax. This book was well written and held some surprises. Short and enjoyable.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Horror, History and some good laughs

Two reviews of three very different books.
The Little Book of Horrors by Lacey Lane on

I read this authors first book and knew what to expect with this book, but I did read this book with one eye closed and snuggling into my jumper to hide from the pages. If you’re not a fan of horrible things happening to horrible and innocent people alike, put this book back on its virtual book shelf and go and watch some fluffy kitten videos. If you are however a fan of grizzly horror and not averse to some raunchy sex scenes, then put this in your shopping basket and enjoy with the lights switched on. My favourite story was Karma is a bitch. All three are well written, fast paced, gruesome and sexy. I rate this 4 stars.
Goin' Postal and the Creek by Rhoda D'Ettore on

I do like the fact that this author has put together two short books and given us, the reader value for money. On the face of it they are not related but after reading it you get a sense of being presented with a very American portrait. A very warm and insightful portrait by someone who loves her country and it’s diverse people. In Goin’ Postal she relates some of the stories (in part fictionalised to protect identities I’m sure) she experienced while working for the institution that is the US postal service. Not only do get a glimpse into the life of an everyday worker, but also how a postal worker experienced going through some turbulent historical times (The 9/11 attacks) This ties it nicely to The Creek which is the local history of a settlement on a creek from the civil war until the civil rights movement. The second book still has it comedy moments, but is over the whole more serious and a good example of exploring US history through the experiences of local ordinary people. Goin’ postal was my favourite of the two as it was just such a guilty pleasure of getting an insider view. I had no idea of the things that went on in the postal service. Both are a good, fast paced read. I rate this 5 stars.

Friday, 29 May 2015

The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living by Lacey Lane

Here is my 4 star review for Lacey Lanes guide:

The Ultimate Guide to Frugal Living by Lacey Lane

I pride myself on being quite frugal (of course I picked this book up during a free give away!), so I was interested what I could gain from this guide. I believe that there is always room for improvement, so I would recommend you read this guide as I did with a note pad beside you. The book is divided in short clear chapters that have tips on a certain topic. A lot of them are common sense, but I did pick up a few tips. One thing I immediately implemented was to fill my half empty freezer with recycled ice cream boxes full of water. There are some helpful links to websites but I’ve could have done with more. Especially on the subject of making your own cleaning products and cosmetics. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to live more environmentally friendly, safe some money and is maybe a little new to the world of frugal living.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Revenge of the Pumpkins by Lacey Lane

This time not a book review but a short story. Read this to the kids at bed time and nightmares will be guaranteed! 

Revenge of the pumpkins is a gruesome tale perfect for Halloween. An unsuspecting family is carving up pumpkins for decoration, little knowing that during the witching hour; the poor mutilated vegetables will come to take their revenge. I think even in this age of desensitised children; there will be enough horror here to give them a restless night. Great stuff and free on kindle just now!