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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Larry Flynn by Max Power

I'm steadily reading my way through this great Irish writer. (A few of his books were free for a couple of days, so I downloaded them.) I reviewed Bad Blood a few weeks ago. This is also a thriller, but I didn't enjoy this quite as much. Four stars as it still had a good story line and some great action.
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Larry Flynn is an initially slow moving thriller until events eventually come to a dramatic head. Larry is a difficult character to like. He has wasted his life by being stuck in the past. Consumed by the tragic loss of his brother and the woman he loved; he has become a bitter old man hell bend on revenge before it is too late. The juggernaut of events he unwittingly kicks off had me totally engrossed. I do understand the writer and reader wanting to tie up loose ends, but I was a little disappointed with the epilogue as I didn’t quite feel the choices Laura made, I think it would have been better without and took a bit away from all the action and mayhem of the last part of the book. All in all a good read that had me turning the pages to find out what was eating Larry.