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Monday, 19 December 2016

Enablers Anonymous by Nico Laeser

Finally a chance to get back to the writer of one of my favorite Indie books of the last year; Skincage. I didn't think this was on a par, but it was still very good and deserved 5 stars.
Enablers Anonymous by Nico Laeser on

Ever since reading Skincage by Nico Laeser I’ve been keen to sample some more of his work. Enablers Anonymous is a dark comedy. It has its finger firmly on the pulse of the modern world. We meet Jimmy King a self-confessed loser but also a cynic who exploits what can be exploited. He stumbles into the world of therapy and self-help groups. What starts with a scheme to make some extra cash, gradually grows into a fast money making network of groups and seminars. As Jimmy struggles with keeping his web of lies from unravelling, his conscience is already pulling at the various threads.
The character of Jimmy is very well written, as he confesses to us the reader, we sense from his anecdotes that all is not as he sees it, and we develop a lot of sympathy for him as he blunders from one scheme to another. We get first hand a journey of self-discovery and growth. Enablers Anonymous is a clever story with a lot of heart. Recommended.

Friday, 29 May 2015

Skin Cage by Nico Laeser

This week I had the pleasure of reading a great book that thoroughly deserved it five stars.

Skin cage by Nico Laeser

A good book in my opinion is a book that engages its reader, provokes emotions and can be hard to put down. If it is beautiful, well written and leaves you sitting open-mouthed in awe at the end, than it is a great book. This is a great book. We see the world through Danny’s eyes. Left in an apparently vegetative state by a parasite, he is trapped in his cage of skin, unable to communicate. We get to understand his world as various characters in his life appear before him. Loss, love, anger and death are some of the themes explored. The subject matter is not an easy one but Mr Leaser has handled it sensitively while still creating an easy to read book. Short chapters with a good pace kept me engaged to the very end. The chapters themselves have rather unique headers. Never dipping into sentimentality and a good dose of humour made this a well-balanced story. I cared for the main character Danny a lot; despite his predicament and suffering he retains great humanity. Hope is the main sentiment I take away from this book. Things might seem futile, but if you persevere and be a caring human being, you might be doing more than you realise. Can’t wait to read more of this author and I highly recommend this book.