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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Reborn by S.L.Stacy

Even though this was a great read, I had some issues with it, so 4 stars to this debut novel:

Reborn by S.L. Stacy

This was a sexy, fast paced YA story, and I enjoyed it very much. (YA but contains some sexual content.) I read this book in a few sittings, which is always a good sign.

 Who knew that there is more of a link between the ancient Greek city of the gods Olympus, and an American sorority, apart from the use of the Greek alphabet? At some points I was a bit puzzled by the plot, but decided to not question it too much and go with the flow.

 The main character Siobhan Elliot is a perky American College student and initially I sympathised a lot with her. She carries a secret that seems impossible to reveal to people, and she ended up pushing the ones she loves away. What made me scream at the pages, was the fact that when Siobhan had the chance to mend bridges and rekindle a lost love; she ends up making some terrible choices. I suppose she is very human in thinking she can turn a bad boy good. But with the YA feel of the book I would have liked Siobhan to be a better example. There is a follow up, so here’s hoping.