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Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Untitled by Pete Hartley

I don't think this will win any prizes for best book covers, but give it a chance as I did and you will be pleasantly surprised. 5 stars for plot and writing.
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It’s an old cliché to say don’t judge a book by its cover. With the picture of a dark haired woman and untitled across the top, it looks a bit unfinished and could be the cover for anything. Nothing alludes to the rather clever and well worked out cold war thriller you will find inside. The reader is swept along by the mystery of an unnamed woman trying to trace her war time lover. But she knows virtually nothing about him. We learn of a rather sweet romance that could probably only have happened in war time, where fleeting moments were all important and couples rushed into engagements and marriage before the war would claim one of them. Gradually the plot turns more sinister as the woman now finds herself caught up in the dangerous world of cold war espionage.
The book is quite unusual both in its style and story line. The writer likes playing with various shades of grey and nothing is ever clear cut or seems as it appears. I enjoyed this and would recommend it to all lovers of spy thrillers, crime and something with a well thought out complex plot.