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Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bad Blood by Max Power

You might be familiar with this writer. This is the third book I have read and reviewed by Max Power. It is my favorite so far. Expect to see a few more as this writer had a free promotion on all of his work, so I'll get round to the other 2 that are sitting on my kindle. (I'm such a sucker for freebies!)
A well deserved 5 star. Click on the photo to take you to Amazon.

This is my third book by Max Power and my favourite so far. Even though the two previous books; Little Big Boy and Darkly Wood, were very different to this thriller set in the USA, I recognise the writer’s distinct style. Mr Power uses a clever ploy to keep the reader interested. At the end of the chapter we are often left with a tantalising clue or cliff-hanger. As long as the action and the revelations keep coming this works well. Bad Blood had me engrossed from start to finish as the plot took me in several unexpected directions. I loved the part where the action was taken to Dublin, as here we got to see the lighter and more humorous side of the writer this is also the moment when things start to fall into place. I enjoyed the banter at the car hire desk. This is not a comedy however and there are some very dark and gruesome moments in this thriller, but it is the characters and strong story that makes this such a riveting read. Recommended.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

The Photograph by Grant Leishman

Summer here is in full swing and it is hard to concentrate when the temperature hits 32°C. I also have the excuse of the combined distractions of the European cup and friends wanting to meet up for drinks, beach parties or a gossip and a swim. Luckily I get a bit of reading done on my lunch break. This book was a real treat; a good original story and some well developed characters that were closer to my own age and I could relate to. I would like to read more of this writer as I like his sense of humour. A great supernatural thriller which I gave 5 stars.
The Photograph by Grant Leishman on Amazon

When Tony Logan finds a roll of undeveloped film clearing out his house, a nagging feeling in the back of his head tells him not to develop it. His sister Marie however urges him to print some photos when he tells her they were taken at their mother’s funeral many years ago. What they discover on the photos is something that shocks them to the core. Tony and his sisters; Marie and Cheryl embark on a quest to find out the truth about their mothers death and abandonment by their father. It leads them into the dangerous world of the occult. This is a well written supernatural thriller with a twist at every turn. Although it deals with the occult and there are a few nail-biting and gruesome moments it has enough humour and warmth to steer away from full out horror. This is what I liked best about this book, the depth of the characters. Before any spooky happenings, we get to know Tony Logan very well. He is not your usual hero; middle aged, down on his luck and recently divorced from the love of his life. He struggles with getting back on his feet again. I had great empathy with Tony and I understood his actions, despite willing him to leave the past well alone. The interactions between Tony, his estranged sisters and husbands, provide some of the comedy moments. But as they argue we feel that they still care for each other and that in the end blood is thicker than water. I enjoyed reading this book and was surprised and delighted by its originality and unexpected plot turns. The book is mostly written in the first person and we share Tony’s views and insights. Later in the book it turns to 3rd person narration as we follow his brother in law’s antics. I thought this was a good change of pace and worked with that particular plot line. This is my first book by this author but I’m hoping to discover more. Maybe the follow up to this book as the ending is left temptingly open.