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Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Vampire Hunters by Trudie Collins

Even though I write in the vampire genre, I'm not an obsessive fan. I do like it if a vampire book doesn't take itself too seriously. This one thankfully fell more into the 'lets kick vampire butt' rather than the brooding teeny stuff. The one thing that let it down was too many training sessions. I'm really not that into weapons and martial arts fighting. I also feel that the writer dealt rather coldly with the human victims of vampire attacks. It was a trick missed to bring some emotion into the story.
Anyway, this would suit fans of a sassy romance and martial arts fans.

I’m a fan of the vampire genre so this cover grabbed me and I downloaded it to my kindle. Craig is a young man who lives in a sanctuary with 7 other vampire hunters. There they train, ready to go out hunting for vampires. He introduces his best friend Sarah to this secret society of hunters and above all to his trainer and boss JD. As soon as Sarah and JD set eyes on each other, sparks begin to fly. The vampires take a rather supporting role in this book. It is all about the romance between Sarah and JD. The dialogue and battle of wits between the two sparkles and is highly entertaining. I would have preferred a bit more depth to the vampires they encounter and a bit less of the hunters’ training sessions; it dragged a bit in points. Towards the end things were hotting-up and there was some good action and tense vampire encounters.  This writer does write well and I wouldn’t mind trying some of her other books.