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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Marina baie des Anges

In my book, Cameron finds himself in st.Paul de Vence at his friend Andrei's house overlooking the baie des Anges. They discus a rather bold piece of architecture and I thought I would add to this and show a picture. In 1969 they started building probably the most controversial building on the Côte D'Azur. Three massive apartment blocks constructed in the shapes of waves rose in the space of 24 years. It is hard to imagine looking at a photo of just how big these buildings are but I think this picture gives a rather good illustration.

Opinion is very much divided on this building; as it is massive, white and visible from miles around. Most people call it an eyesore. I've never met anyone who thought 'It's alright' , you love it or hate it.
I rather like it, I admire the bold scale of the building and walking around the buildings you get a different sensation from every angle, but to me it means more than that. When I come by plane into Nice airport after a holiday or a family visit, this building is very visible and as soon as it comes into view, I know I'm home.