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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Linda's Closet by Mr. H. Eugene

This story really surprised me. I had some issues with the authors style and plausibility of some of the plot twists, but thought it was a very unusual book. I gave it four stars.
Linda's Closet by Mr.H.Eugene

Linda’s closet has many good ideas. Narrating the story from the point of view of a woman losing her sanity was original. It read at times is a little chaotic and trippy as we were trying to piece together the undoing of Linda’s marriage through her words. The writer has a very distinctive style, but I’m not keen on putting entire words and even sentences in all capitals. It gives the impression of the writer shouting at the reader. Linda’s story is now and then broken up by the notes of her psychiatrists. There are enough twists and turns to spur the reader to read on and find out what was really going on. Some of the plot twists were more plausible than others and in my opinion; I think the writer took it one twist too far. As a bonus there are a few alternative endings if you’re not happy with the first.  I did enjoy this book as the point of view was so unusual. I think this writer has a lively imagination which I wouldn’t mind discovering more of.

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


It has been quite a day. Not only was it glorious sunny weather and did I get to finish the excellent untamed by Steven Jeral Harris while getting a tan, I also got two five star reviews from my fellow reviewer group members. So I feel all warm and glow for more than one reason.

One thing I do wonder now I read a lot of self published books; why the hurry to publish? If you want to sell a product, do you not want it to be the best it can be? I sometimes get taken aback by the amounts of mistakes I spot. I'm a Dutch woman who has to speak French all day for work. I know my English is less than perfect. Maybe that is why I'm maybe less complacent than an English or American writer and sought the help of a professional before I put my work out there. Anyhow I never include that the book has 'editing' issues in my review as that can be corrected in the Kindle age. Plus I'm still angry at all my teachers who just took their red pens to correct spelling but failed to give me any feedback on my writing!

Untamed by Steven Jeral Harris

This book gripped my by the throat like the supernatural beast from the very first chapter and didn’t let go! This is a supernatural thriller of the best kind, exciting, very scary at times, but with well written believable characters.
Iva Hill is a teenage girl plagued by illness and insecurity. She thinks that her life will change little when her mother gets a new job and moves her to New York State. It is the town her mother grew up in and she gets re-acquainted with her uncle Frank, a local detective. He is investigating a gruesome murder that leaves him bewildered and worried. Iva’s mother enrols her in the local college. Things take an unexpected positive turn and slowly Iva begins to make friends and thinks she is getting the life she always wanted; a normal one. But the town is hiding a dark secret and Iva’s new found ‘normality’ puts her in grave danger. The-worried-mother versus girl-reaching-adult hood relationship is well described and you can feel the warmth, but firstly and foremost this is an exciting book with lots of action. I would recommend this for young adults, but with a warning that there is swearing, violence and a torture scene, but nothing that shocked this not-so-young adult.