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Saturday, 7 April 2018

The Sun God's Heir: Return Book One by Elliot Baker

Just back from my holidays and rather surprised I didn't get more reading done. It wasn't a beach holiday where I I could lie on the hot sand and shield my eyes with a kindle. We were kept rather busy tracking around Vietnam and Cambodia, ending the tour in Angkor Wat. If you haven't been, make sure you put this amazing site on your bucket list.
 So back to reviewing. This one was a great adventure story to have along for a holiday. Exciting, well written and engaging characters. Five stars and click on the picture to take you to Amazon.

René our young protagonist is a reluctant hero. Trained from childhood by ‘the Meastro’ in swordsmanship, he lets youthful arrogance get the better of him and he kills three sailors who attack him. He vows never to kill again. I liked René he tries to do the right and noble thing, but events out of his control push him in another direction. His inner conflicts made me engage with this character. I also liked Akeefa, an unusual strong female character for a swashbuckling adventure. She is a master swords woman in her own right, but fighting traditional Moroccan culture is one battle she can’t so easily win. This book is the first in the series and I can’t wait to see Akeefa and René’s next adventure. There is a lot still to be revealed about the events that happened three thousand years ago and the forces that steer the events of René’s life. Exciting and some unusual characters, bring on part two!