Friday, 13 September 2013

The background

I decided to give my blog the subtitle: The background. I hope to keep you informed of the background that has inspired me to write Language in the blood and hopefully a bit about the material that is inspiring me in writing the follow up. There is plenty of material but not much time to write it all down. I currently take the train every day to work in Monaco; the playground of the super rich. Being surrounded by all this wealth and glamour, it is easy to dream up Cameron's next adventure. Working in Monaco does require me to take a train at 8.45 to start work at 10.30, not that the trip takes that long (40min) but frequently something goes wrong and we experience delays of up to 50min. At night I arrive home at 9pm, which doesn't leave me much spare time to write. I carry a note book with me everywhere I go, and often having my lunch overlooking the port of Monaco, an idea will come to me. I'm pleased to report that I have about half a book ready.

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