Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The internet

The internet, it’s a wonderful thing! To quote Cameron, after he convinced a German man he met on line to let him drink his blood. Not quite the shenanigans I get up to, but I do find myself online a lot. Gone are the days when you had to send thick paper copies of your book to agents in the hope to get published. I decided I won’t even try as I think most agents reach for the bin if they read ’Vampire.’ I do believe I have something new, quirky and lighter hearted to bring to the genre, so I went with Amazon KDP and self-published.
So that was the easy part over with. The last few weeks, whenever I’m not working, I’m on my computer; promoting, writing blogs (Like now, in Monaco station with a coffee overlooking the port!) and trailing through and replying to endless emails. KDP is great; you can see your sales, do promotions and upload another copy of your book if you spot any errors. (I hope all is well now a friend has done another proof read. Some chapter headers come up in Blue, but I’m working on understanding why that is happening)
So I know that the free promotion went well; about 53 serious bloggers and reviewers now have a copy of my book and I’m waiting excitedly what will be the result. One thing I’m a bit puzzled about; the book has taken off to an extent in Germany. I haven’t written to any German bloggers and I’m not in contact with any of my German family. A large part of the book is set in that country, so is it because of some random Googling that my book is being noticed over there? As I said: the internet is a wonderful thing!

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