Thursday, 9 January 2014

Book review: Monkey talk by T.Lucas Earl

Now I have self-published a book on Amazon I take a lot more notice of other self-published authors and mostly if one of them gives their book or short story away, I make an effort to read it. Some were bad but Monkey talk by T. Lucas Earl was a pleasant surprise. This short story is currently available on Amazon at $1.26 and I fully recommend it.

The story is set at some point in the future where through pills and a speech augmentation chip chimpanzees have developed human abilities. We meet Professor Towry a chimpanzee who lectures in cybernetic technology and his new human assistant Ms.Lui. We see this new world through the eyes of Prof. Towry. He is a rational thinker who doesn’t think he is inferior to humans and doesn’t accept being treated differently. We find out that the pills only partly supress his animal nature and often at night he is a different animal.

The story is a familiar ‘if you mess with nature there will be consequences’ but it’s written in an original, funny and intelligent way. The character of Professor Towry is grumpy, prejudiced and at times aggressive but despite that you have to feel sorry for him as this rational chimpanzee sees his life descent into mayhem on occasion.
I give this short story 5 stars.

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