Monday, 10 August 2015

A Circle Around Forever by Robert K. Swisher Jr.

I've reviewed two books from this Author recently. Both were from the Bob Roosevelt series, which I liked very much. When I was asked to review Roberts latest work I agreed settling in for a fun read. Maybe I should have read the blurb first just to prepare myself as this book is very, very different to what I've read from this author before. It took me a few chapters to settle in and let the story pull me in. It did at times, but I found this a hard read. I'm just not a spiritual person and this just wasn't the book for me. However as a reviewer I stick to the questions;
Is it well written?
Are the characters believable?
Would other people appreciate it?
The answer to the first two was yes, with some to the third. Resulting in a four star.
A Circle Around Forever by Robert K.Swisher Jr

Barbara has been haunted by the ghost of her late grandmother Bertha since her funeral. Bertha was given away by her father and as her birth caused her mother’s death. Her brothers’ cruelty sowed the first seeds of hatred in young Bertha and were nurtured by a mysterious voice, causing her to committing unspeakable acts. This bitter vicious ghost is not at rest and tells Barbara that her son  Shannon, will give what she searches; a nothingness. A battle for the boy’s soul looms; orchestrated by forces older than time.
I’m familiar with this writer because of the Bob Roosevelt series, which I liked very much. I was asked to review this; his latest work and was rather surprised that this is by the same writer. I’m not sure the same reader that enjoyed a ‘bucket full of Lies’ will enjoy this book.
This is a rather serious book, written from a deeply spiritual place. Many chapters do begin with a biblical quotation. It explores human emotions like hate, love, jealousy and envy. I have to admit that I found it at times bleak and hard going. However it is well written epic piece of work and at times quite poetic. If you do like literature to make you think and question the more spiritual things in live, this will be the book for you. A work to read slowly and reflect on.