Sunday, 2 August 2015

Free on Amazon

I'm running another book promotion on the 1st and 2nd of August. After day one, I'm a very happy bunny indeed. #8 in the general humor section on and the copies downloaded are almost double from the last give away:
So what is making the difference?
I would like to say the new book cover. I also joined a few more Facebook groups and have now a following on twitter of 784. I'm also part of an author retweet group on Facebook. The only advert I placed this time was on the choosy book worm site.
Free book ad link
and they have featured my book on the first line, which must help. So a lot of hard work and 15$ got me up to #8. Not bad I think, but time will tell if people buy book 2 and leave reviews. One depressing statistic someone mentioned the other day is that only one in a thousand books given away generates a review.
Here is the link again to Amazon and the graphic I use for tweets:
Free copy of Language in the Blood

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