Sunday, 12 February 2017

Competition time

I'm running a competion on my new Facebook page; Tomfoolery. If you haven't checked out the page of the star from Conversations with Tom, you can do this now via the following link:

Competition time.

Kindle and cat

One reader gave me a great idea when she posted a picture of herself reading my latest release, Conversations with Tom, with her own ginger cat on the book’s Facebook page. I thought it would be wonderful to have a competition where readers send in their photos of them reading with their pets. The prize will be a paperback copy of Conversations with Tom

Here are the rules:
1.       Go to my Facebook page and like. Tomfoolery
2.       Send me a PM with your email address and photo attached.
3.       The photo must feature a book or kindle and an animal. (Of course I like ginger cats and you get brownie points for featuring my book, but an international jury will pick the best picture and they love all sorts of animals. Although the Irish judge has said she doesn’t like toads and frogs.)
4.       Entries must be in before the 5th of March.

Here is my photo, but I'm sure you can do better than this.

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