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Friday, 26 January 2018

Trading Darkness: A Dark Fairytale by Lisa Hofmann

Because the previous book was a short story, you are getting two book review from me today.(Plus it is raining otherwise I would have been for a long walk along the beach!) This is a dark fairy tale that I enjoyed very much. Maybe a little adult for a very young reader but I think this can be enjoyed by readers of about 12 and over. 5 stars.
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This is a magical fairy tale that starts against the back drop of a witch hunt in 1650’s Germany, and is loosely interwoven with the story of Rumpelstiltskin. It is a dark fairy tale dealing with the dilemma of a father who has to give one of his daughters away to save his fiefdom and family. He picks one but cannot reconcile himself with that decision. I liked this book very much. Even though it is a fairy tale, many of the characters have to deal with very real human emotions, dilemmas and live with the decisions they’ve made. I loved the character of Louisa, so vulnerable and innocent, but she shows real grit when she finally gets to take her own decisions and finds her place in the above world. I’m glad Lisa Hofmann has followed a traditional route and readers who have grown up with the Grimm brothers and Hans Christian Anderson will feel right at home. But I’m sure the generation that has grown up with Harry Potter will love this too. Well written and moving at a good pace throughout, I can recommend it.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Fairy tales

I lived my own fairy tale last week as my husband and I finally got to visit New York. What a fibrant beautiful place it is. It had been on our bucket list for a long time and I'm glad it lived up to our expectations. I was sure a visit to New York would inspire me and I've got some great short story ideas. (One will be a satire on the airline industry as I was not impressed by their practice of overbooking flights!) Needless to say, being in a city like that didn't give me much time for reading. I did manage to finish this very naughty fairy tale and rated it five stars.
Sleeping Beauty (Flirtatious Fairytales) (Volume 2) by Jess James

Hell has no fury but a woman scorned. A king finds this out to his cost as he casts aside a woman to marry another who is of royal blood. The scorned woman we know as Mistress M very patiently works on a plan to corrupt the Kings only daughter; a plan that takes nearly nineteen years until the innocent princess starts to blossom into adulthood. This is a wickedly funny and modern take on the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. It is well written and sexy. I recommend this to anyone who likes their romance and fairy tales with a little more spice. Definitely not for children.