Friday, 10 April 2015

A Bucket Full Of Lies by Robert K Swisher jr

I'm currently involved with a book that we hope will raise a lot of funds for the Mac Millan cancer support and in particular its nurses. Ian Moore from my writers reviewers group is compiling the anthology and a number of us including myself are contributing a short story. I'm very excited to see this hitting the virtual shelves. So watch this space.

In the mean time here is a review for a detective novel I enjoyed very much. I gave it 5 stars:

A Bucket Full Lies (Roosevelt Mystery series)( book 1) by Robert K Swisher jr

Bob Roosevelt is a down on his luck private detective, who finds himself in Des Moines, Iowa after he has to make a hasty retreat from Florida. He runs into an old friend, Sam, from his old hippie commune days. Against his better judgement and the advice of his guardian angel, he follows Sam home to find out what ever trouble his friend is in. Sam is shot dead before they even get inside. His beautiful young wife asks him to stay. Bob knows he should get out of Iowa as soon as he can, but what private eye isn’t compelled to solve the murder of a friend.
This has all the components for a great detective novel; a corpse, a wife an ex-wife, a kidnap plot and some shady gangsters. It has the familiar feel of a Raymond chandler novel, but is yet truly original and modern. Bob Roosevelt is an interesting character; he has done a tour in Vietnam, lived in a hippie commune and drives around in a vintage VW beetle named Mathilda. But the best moments come from the obnoxious wise cracking guardian angel. The blunt comments on Bob’s investigation provide many laugh out loud moments.
I loved this book and after finishing, I ran straight to the Amazon store to buy the follow up Trout fishing for bodies. Well done Mr Swisher you have gained a new fan.

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