Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Credit Rush Outpost Krone (Krone Series Book 1) by Simon E Bond

I attempted the first swim of the year today. It was windy and the sea was a bit choppy, but I enjoyed my first time out. The water was around 16°C. In my book perfectly acceptable without a wet-suit. I do look forwards to spending many hours on the beach with my kindle. Reviewing and working on my tan; how cool is that. The following title was read in about 2 such tanning sessions, I liked it, but it was just too short. Here is the 5 star review.

I read this short novel in a number of hours, and what an action packed thrill ride it was. The violence is very graphic at times, but it illustrates the precarious and harsh world our hero Charlie lives in.
Charlie is a digger for Kromtic, a substance vital to powering atmospheres on certain planets. He is also a small time crook that hacks into unsecured accounts. One day he hacks into the wrong account and falls foul of Volax Stout.
In Stout, Mr Bond has created a character of spine chilling evilness and despite Charlie talking a brave game, you can feel that he has more than met his match. My problem with this book is that I wanted more, I want to know how Stout became the psychopathic nutter he now is. I’m also a bit puzzled as to why anyone would work for the man, as any employment dispute leads to termination, errrm in a very gruesome way. Does Stout enterprises, have a pension plan to die for?
I don’t think the follow up is ready yet, but this certainly is a promising start. I hope the author is busy working on the follow up. Don’t rush it Simon E bond, explore your world and characters. Pack the same amount of action and I’m sure book 2 will be even better.

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