Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Angel's Blood by Sallyann Phillips

I'm afraid this was another case of great book, shame about the editing. However, when I started reviewing I promised I would not mark down for spelling etc. I've contacted the author and posted a 5 star review on Amazon. In the age of Kindle, you can upload another version of your book in seconds, so if you're considering this book, maybe give it a few weeks and hopefully an improved version will be uploaded. If you like the werewolf genre, or just a good fantasy book, I'd recommend this one:

Angel's Blood by Sallyann Phillips

Who’s afraid of Octavia wolf? The answer is me. Octavia (Tavi) Johns is a female werewolf not to be messed with. She has been on the run since she was born. Losing her mother young to an evil wolf pack and being trained by her dad to cope with any adversary, she is tough and mistrustful. Sallyann has created in Tavi a wonderful heroine. She is flawed, complex and a very strong female character. What I loved best about the book is the dynamics of the wolf pack. There is order and rules, but also the moral code of protecting the weakest and being there for each other. The author has made her characters unapologetically wolf; they have short fuses and strong emotions which often boil up. Conflicts are often settled in violent fights. After that, the loser cedes rank, hands are shook and respect is often earned rather than resentment lingering on. I also love the romantic story line of a wolf finding her mate. The notion of a wolf mating for life and not being able to live without his mate is beautiful. Love, family and belonging are some of the excellent themes in this book. I did have some issues with editing and I have contacted the writer, but top marks for the plot and characters.

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