Sunday, 24 May 2015

Unfading lands by Katherine E Hamilton

Unfading Lands Katharine E Hamilton

I quickly became lost in this magical land that time has long since forgotten. This was such an engaging tale; it was quite hard to put down at times. I did love the main character princess Elisabeth. A feisty rebellious princess, who doesn’t stay in her room, wondering what dress to wear for prince charming. Instead she has been taught by her elder brother Edward how to ride horses and how to fight with a sword. The northern kingdom and the realm have much to worry about as their lands are bordered by the Unfading Lands. A magical land ruled by Lancer, who has a mysterious dark power. As his powers increase the borders move and threaten to absorb the other kingdoms in the Realm. When Edward chooses love over kingship and joins his beloved in the Unfading Lands (from which there is no return) the heavy mantle of the succession falls on the shoulders of Alayna, Elisabeth’s older sister. She is a very level headed woman who would choose what is best for the Realm over her own happiness. If I had one small issue with the book, it’s that the story isn’t finished and I have to wait to find out what happened to Elisabeth and the Realm. I certainly look forward to the follow up and recommend this book to people of all ages, with a warning to younger readers that there are some violent battle scenes and an amputation.