Monday, 18 May 2015

Tails of a House Rabbit by Linda Bartash-Dawley

The following review was of a book I read in just a couple of sittings, cute, easy to read and great fun. I would rate this suitable for children, but any pet owner would enjoy this too:

Tails of a House Rabbit by Linda Bartash-Dawley

Animal psychiatrists keep warning us that we shouldn’t think of our pets like little people in fur coats. It’s very hard not too, so I can totally understand why this writer wanted to give her rabbit a voice. Meet Hannah the Flemish giant, definitely a diva in a fine rabbit fur coat! She regales us with her daily tribulations that run from finding the wrong herbs in her food bowl, to her owner daring to give her inferior quality wrapping paper. Hannah, I should explain, has a bit of an obsession about destroying wrapping paper. This book is a must for all bunny and potential bunny owners. Cute and easy to read, it will be enjoyed by any pet owners that like to talk to their animal.

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