Thursday, 16 April 2015

Kindred Killers (a Stanford Carter murder mystery) by Gary Starta

Keeping busy with writing this week. The short story for the charity anthology is ready and edited. (Many thanks to all the volunteers who have contributed either with a story or their editing skills.) Now I just have to wait with baited breath for it to come out. I'm also hard at work on a story for another Anthology......
Meanwhile reading on and doing reviews. Sorry Gary Starta, not to keen on this one, so 3 stars only. But if you like serial killer books with a lot of plot turns, give it a try.

Stanford Carter a Detective with the Boston PD is called up on to investigate a murder. The victim had been stabbed with many acupuncture needles and there are nearly as many suspects. A private investigator that worked for the victim’s wife stands out. As Carter struggles with the case, he also has to deal with personal matters. His bride to be and valued colleague Jill Seacreast is facing a transfer due to departmental rules; married couples can’t work together.
This book was fast paced and had many twists and turns in its plot. But I found the characters rather plot driven, rather than the plot is being steered by believable characters. I found many to be very contradictory in their actions and motivations. I’ve not read the Caitlin Diggs series and I think I might have liked Stanford Carter better if I had. Here it just states he is an excellent detective, but there was very little evidence to cement this. Maybe the Romantic liaison between Jill and Stanford started there too, because in Kindred killers I don’t feel a strong attraction between them. I might give the Caitlin Diggs series a try as I do like the Author’s writing style.

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