Saturday, 16 June 2018

THE CHOCOLATE LABRADOODLE CAPER: A Damien Dickens Mystery (Damien Dickens Mysteries Book 3) by Phyllis Entis

I think this book falls under the genre Cozy mysteries. A crime novel without swearing sex or graphic violence. The sort of books Ms Marple fans would enjoy. I didn't mind it, it was well written and had some good plot twist. Just a little too comfortable for me. But if you like cozy mysteries, go and give this a try.
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This is the third book in a series, but having not read the previous two I didn’t feel that I missed anything vital; the book stands on its own. There are some references to previous events and they explain the relationships between some of the characters. The book is set in 1980’s America and Canada especially Montreal. It also fits with the style of the book which reads like an old fashioned crime novel (I use old fashioned in a positive sense, as in familiar and wholesome.) There are some good plot twists and turns and the private detective duo of Damien (Dick) and Millie are likable and gutsy. Wouldn’t mind reading the previous books for an escape to a different era. A little disappointed that the Labrador in the tittle didn’t feature in the crime, but that didn’t take away from an enjoyable book.