Sunday, 24 July 2016

Swearing Allegiance (The Carmody Saga Book 1) by Jana Petken

I think Historic fiction or even non-fiction are my favourite genre of books. Not many of my Indie colleagues write (or at least I've not picked any up before now!) historic fiction, so it was nice to have this book to review. A romantic novel set against the Irish struggle for independence and the horrors of the First World War. It was a sweeping family saga which I enjoyed reading and give 5 stars.

Swearing Allegiance (The Carmody Saga Book 1) by Jana Petken on

This is a sweeping family saga set during the Dublin Easter uprising and the First World War. The Carmodys are a well to do Irish family living a charmed life in Dublin. Tragic events following the 1916 Easter uprising sees the family at odds with each other and forced to move to London.
Young firebrand Danny is supporting the cause of an independent Ireland. This puts him at odds with his brother Patrick who decides to join the Royal navy. Jenny his spoiled sister finds herself penniless and forced to look for work. Her Fiancée John, once a promising prospect, is arrested for his involvement in the uprising and imprisoned.
This book is meticulously researched and contains many period details that bring the story alive. The working conditions for the women in the munitions factories and the horrors of the battlefield are a brutal back ground that helped me feel a great deal of compassion for the family.
I especially liked the character of Jenny as she undergoes a complete transformation. She starts of as a spoiled and selfish girl, but through hardship her eyes gradually open and we see her grow into a confident, independent and intelligent young woman. The story ends in 1917 and as this is titled book 1, I hope that Ms Petken is already busy writing the follow up. There are turbulent times ahead for Ireland and I’m sure we’ll see Danny involved. I look forwards to reading the follow up as this writer has a very engaging style and her research is solid.

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