Friday, 23 September 2016

Wolf Eye Alibi (Wolf Eye Lighthouse Series) (Volume 2) by Terri Lyndie

I normally don't start a series at the second book, but I was assured this was a stand alone book. The writer just has set a few books in the (I assume) fictional and eccentric town of Wolf Eye. It is my first book by this author and I'm pleased to have discovered yet another talented independent author. This was a fun and 5 star read.
Wolf Eye Alibi (Wolf Eye Lighthouse Series) (Volume 2) by Terri Lyndie on Amazon

The books starts strongly with a wedding descending into chaos as the Groom and Bride are arrested for murder. I was hooked from the first chapter as I followed hapless bridesmaid Mia run from the law when the local cops wants to arrest her and the groom’s brother (Jonah) too, as accessories to murder. The character of Mia is great; a pampered Manhattan princess out of her depth in the Michigan wilderness. I chuckled as she was thrown from one ordeal to another; fighting off mosquitoes as well as Jonah’s advances. As this book is written from a first person perspective we experience these ordeals first hand and you can’t but help liking Mia. A few chapters in I was rooting for her and Jonah to get together and find out who framed the not-so-happy couple.  Even though this is the second book in the series, it stood perfectly on its own and I had at no point the feeling that I had missed something. Funny, racy and action packed till the end.

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