Thursday, 18 May 2017

Something to Prove: A biography of Ann Lowe America's Forgotten Designer by Julia Faye Smith

Over the years I've reviewed many genres by mostly self published and independent writers. I've come across some real gems but also some books that could have done with a thorough edit or reformat. I contact the writer if I have any serious issues with the book. I hope this is appreciated and will help the writer produce a better book. I always appreciate if a reviewer points something out. (I prefer it in an email rather than a review, but hey everyone is entitled to an opinion.
I recently joined a new Facebook group where writers and readers connect. The wonderful thing about this group is that there is 4000 members so you can read what ever genre you want, there is a writer out there for you. You post what you want to read and the offers come flooding in.
I asked for non-fiction, historical and an interesting subject. This book perfectly fitted the bill. I've given it 4 stars as it was a little short for a biography. (It was a one day read.) I've not taken in consideration that this book will look much better in a paper copy and that on my paperwhite kindle the pictures did not look good. The writer has provided links to her Pinterest account, and I just had a look. The photos of the dresses are wonderful. So I recommend to either get the paper copy or read it with the Pinterest page open. The writer just told me that she's just signed an option contract for the movie rights for the book. I think this will make a great movie.
Something to Prove by Julia Smith on

I love reading biographies and this one ticked a number of boxes; Fashion and a black woman making it in a tough and competitive business. The story was an interesting one; a young woman coming from a poor back ground in Alabama rising to the heights of New York fashion. Julia Smith has done her research well and has put many pictures relating to Ann Lowe in this book. She also quotes all her sources at the end of the book. I would recommend that if you get this book you do so in paperback. On my old Paperwhite kindle the formatting was off and the pictures small and didn’t do the detail on the dresses any favours. What I enjoyed most about this book was the social and economic history provided about the time Ann Lowe lived in. One of the drawbacks to this book was that there just isn’t much known about this woman, making this a short read. I would recommend the paperback and let the photos speak for themselves.

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