Friday, 23 June 2017

Alive at Sunset (Rituals of the Night Series Book 2) by Kayla Krantz

I think this book would suit the reader that likes slasher movies like 'Scream' and gothic horror. I read that this writers favorite film is 'The Heathers' which I also love. I downloaded it as a freebie as the cover hinted at lots of blood and gore but also some dark humour. It was there but not enough for my liking (the humour that is) so 4 stars from me.

I came into this series at book two as I downloaded it when it was on a free offer. I don’t think this mattered a lot as the events alluded to only helped to build the tension. You know that bad stuff happened in book one, but you don’t know exactly what. As with all good horror, there are a fair few moments where you marvel at the bad decisions and the naiveté of psychopath Chance’s victims. I screamed a few times at Luna and her dippy roommate Amanda. Chance is a chilling baddie. We get to see into his deranged mind and he almost seems sad and human when he explains his motives for subjecting Luna to his special brand of murder and mayhem.    

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