Thursday, 6 July 2017

Bad Blood by Max Power

You might be familiar with this writer. This is the third book I have read and reviewed by Max Power. It is my favorite so far. Expect to see a few more as this writer had a free promotion on all of his work, so I'll get round to the other 2 that are sitting on my kindle. (I'm such a sucker for freebies!)
A well deserved 5 star. Click on the photo to take you to Amazon.

This is my third book by Max Power and my favourite so far. Even though the two previous books; Little Big Boy and Darkly Wood, were very different to this thriller set in the USA, I recognise the writer’s distinct style. Mr Power uses a clever ploy to keep the reader interested. At the end of the chapter we are often left with a tantalising clue or cliff-hanger. As long as the action and the revelations keep coming this works well. Bad Blood had me engrossed from start to finish as the plot took me in several unexpected directions. I loved the part where the action was taken to Dublin, as here we got to see the lighter and more humorous side of the writer this is also the moment when things start to fall into place. I enjoyed the banter at the car hire desk. This is not a comedy however and there are some very dark and gruesome moments in this thriller, but it is the characters and strong story that makes this such a riveting read. Recommended.

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