Saturday, 25 July 2020

Fly on the Wall: Days of Solitude by Roger Kenworthy

This book took me a while to read. Not because it was bad but because of it subject matter. (A man thrown in prison and solitude for 5 years) and the way the writer chose to tell his story. (through a series of diary entries) So we remain stuck with one character in a cell, which made it at times a little hard to read and had to be in small doses. I gave it 4 stars.

This book would easily adapt to a stage play, one man thrown in a hellish Iraqi prison for 5 years. In a series of diary entries he reflects on his past life and the current nightmare he is barely surviving.
It is the story of an intelligent and educated man slowly descending into madness. It’s of course also a stern critique on Sadam Hussein and other despots who imprison people for just speaking their minds.
Dr.Abdullah is a character we can empathise with, well read and with a western education. We learn about his great love when on a break from college and his disastrous marriage. We know who he is and can understand him.
The diary entries are at time a little repetitive, but as chapters are short I kept reading. I enjoyed the parts about his youth the most, especially his voyage on motorbike through Iraq. This brought some much needed light and colour to the book. At times a tough read but recommended.  

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