Sunday, 29 December 2013

Best intentions

At the moment I’m counting my last days of work. When I started this job it seemed like a dream; working in a high end jewellers in Monte Carlo was just too good to be true..... and it was. I won’t say too much, I'll just let Cameron fictionally deal with some of the issues in book two. Anyway the 1st of January I will be a free woman again. 

On the 1st of January many of us have a list of new years resolutions in order to make a fresh start, but mostly a few days later we will carry on as before. I do hope to hit the ground running and make the most of my new freedom before another job snags me again. Here are a few things I hope to achieve and change in 2014:
  1. Finish that second book.
  2. I don’t want to, but I better get a good CV out there.
  3. Do reviews of self-published free books. I believe in paying it forward, if I’m expecting people to do reviews of my book during a giveaway I’d better do a few myself.
  4. Weather permitting, have a daily swim.
  5. Actually use some of all my cooking books and try some new recipes.
  6. Read all the blogs I’m now subscribed to as there are some good ones out there with some great tips for writers. I've just not had the time but I need to develop a strategy for promoting the first book.
  7. Figure out how to improve my blog and what the hell Pinterest actually is and then linking the two. Need to get more web savvy.
  8. Unrelated, but I really need to throw out some of my make-up. I know my bronzing pearls are at least 15 years old, how could they have lasted that long?????
  9. Improve my French.(I say this every year and I'm sure there is improvement, but my inner teacher keeps telling me: 'must do better!')
  10. Let all good intentions go to waste by getting a kitten which will no doubt distract me from doing all the things I set out to do.
I would like to know what your New Year’s resolution are.

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