Saturday, 19 November 2016

The Friendship Triangle by Joey Paul

It's not often that I read what before would have been called a children's book, but these days the early teens fall under YA. I think I would have enjoyed this book when I was about that age especially if I had some issues to deal with. The message about bullying was very good; don't suffer in silence, tell someone. I gave it five stars as I really enjoyed reading it, even as a much, much older adult.
The Friendship Triangle by Joey Paul on

This is rather a charming book for the younger young adult (early teens.) It deals with a number of difficult issues, such as bereavement, divorce, alcoholism and bullying. It is far from a depressing book because it has a very strong positive message; friendship is important and you can’t do it alone. The writer has made the three girls typical eleven and twelve year olds who don’t always make the best decisions, but with a bit of mystical intervention they reach the right conclusion. Written at a good pace and in simple language a younger reader will enjoy. Recommended.

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