Sunday, 28 June 2015

Facebook/Twitter versus Advertising part 2

The Verdict: Advertising does work and I think it was value for money. I managed to give 175 copies away so it doesn't beat Facebook and Twitter. However the previous give away was run over 2 days. On day 1; I gave away 150 Copies and day 2; 56 copies. I also used a post boost on facebook that was paid for. This does put advertising in a better light especially as it was cheaper than facebook. The site I used was and cost me $13.95
Probably the next giveaway I'll do will include goodkindles and the choosybook worm which was free this time but I don't think they ran the add as the free option is not always available on the day. They have only 2 free spots a day and I couldn't see mine there. Their paid option is $18 and I will consider this for the next time.
I now have a lot more followers on Twitter and Facebook so that option I would certainly use again, but not a paid boost.

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