Thursday, 18 June 2015

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday by Jason Ayres

This was a rather clever time travel novel, I hugely enjoyed reading. I like when a writer really thinks about the logistics of an unusual situation. It was one thing that attracted me about writing about a vampire. How you manage being not quite normal. I gave it 5 stars.

My Tomorrow, Your Yesterday by Jason Ayres

Jason Ayres has created a very intriguing book set on a simple idea; what if I lived my live backwards? Thomas Scott, begins his life on his deathbed and finds himself everyday a little further back in a past he doesn’t remember. When he puts some of the pieces together he knows 3 things; I died prematurely of lungcancer, I have a daughter, and my wife was taken too soon in a road accident.
This is a fascinating tale of an ordinary man playing detective in his own life. Armed with the the knowledge of how things turns out he sets about making changes, whilst making sure he doesn’t mess up the good things.
What I liked most about Thomas Scott, is that he is so normal. He discovers that his daughter and wife are the most important things in his life and the scene of his wife’s happiness at their daughter’s birth, juxtaposed with his depression at soon seeing her for the last time was heart breaking. Thomas is lovable and easy to relate too. I especially related to his journey back through music and technology as I’m practically born in the same year as this character.
This is a time travel novel with real warmth and depth and it was a joy to read.

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