Sunday, 14 June 2015

The Green Book by Penny Luker

This is another author i'm honoured to soon be sharing the pages with in the forthcoming anthology: You're not Alone. I've perviously reviewed the Thruthfinder by Penny luker.
This is the first time I'm reviewing a children's book. Even though it was a very easy read, the review is much harder. It's a long time since I was a 10 year old and as I live in France I couldn't get an opinion of a young child. I personally would have liked the children to have been way more irresponsible with the magic book. Apart from asking the book to provide a third helping of ice cream and getting punished for it things don't get out of hand any further. But this book is not aimed at me but at the 5 to 10 age group and you don't want to stray into the occult or have kids setting bad examples. So I decided for a 5 star as for the very young ones they will be nice bed time stories, without nightmares to follow.

The Green Book by Penny Luker

A spell book appearing one day in your room is a dream for any ten year old, especially if you just been told to tidy up that room. Alana is the lucky girl with the book. It must have chosen her as she is really very responsible; choosing not to use her spell book when it asks her if she wants it to magic her exam. I’m not sure I would have withstood the temptation. I also doubt that my friends would have given me a moment’s peace if they had discovered that I had a book of spells. But Alana and her friends learn a lesson early on; if you misuse magic it will have consequences. This is a short and entertaining book for young children. I think this would make a good book for bed time, as it will leave you having sweet dreams about having a spell book that makes all your troubles go away.

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