Thursday, 8 October 2015

Bob is in my Head and Wants Me Dead by IDK Emcee

I liked the title of this book and downloaded it as a freebie. I really would have liked this book but I think the author and I just like very different things. Reading a bit more about the author, he is inspired by beat poetry, not something I'm keen on. So not more than a 3 star from me. If beat poetry does rock your boat you might like this.
Bob is in my Head and Wants Me Dead by IDK Emcee on Amazon

I always appreciate when a writer pushes the boundaries. Sometimes it works; sometimes the world is not yet ready for it. I think I’m not ready for this book; I did not get this. It reads like the ramblings of a deranged serial killer who now has a voice in his head ordering him to kill someone or else become the victim. What I did not get was what the book set out to do. Is it a comedy? It is well written and quite poetic at times, but then is interspersed with pages of the same sentence repeated over and over again. (Which I found very annoying, as we get the point after half a page.) I didn’t mind the swearing as we obviously are dealing with a tortured angry character, but I found it very hard to find any sympathy for the narrator. Could be enjoyed by someone smarter than me, who gets what the author is trying to express.

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